Funnyworks. Work Planet Universe We make Brand Experience Funnyworks is a company that creates and implements brand communication strategies aimed towards the future. FUNNYWORKS Brand Experience Business Strategy Metaverse Content Design Marketing Communication And all kind of Brand Communications ...! We work in a way called Quest Cells Mercury(Make Mobile Game) Venus(Make 3D Web & 3D Contents) Jupiter(Make ZEP) Pluto(Make Surprise) Luna(Marketing Communication) Now we are working on a Solar system Projects, and it is progressing smoothly. WORKS Design and marketing - Yuhan-Kimberly Pink Gel Grip Advertisement Original Artwork - Planning and Operation of advertising media within the LG CNS 'Mpost' platform - Planning and Operation of advertising media within the SK Telecom 'Bill letter' platform - Commerce planning and operation within SK Telecom 'Bill letter' platform - HYUNDAI GLOVIS 'Autobell' online marketing operation - SK Telecom T World Direct mobile advertisement operation - Korean Buddhism '2016 Yeondeunghoe' online communication - 4th Suncheon bay international Animal Film Festival brand planning and website production - Daejeon companion animal culture festival 'DAAF' brand planning and website production - ONO Entertainment brand planning and website production - Pulmuone 'Sarr dal kong' brand online communication - CJ O Shopping T-commerce launch brand 'Natural Table' brand planning - Royal Beats Competition & Concert brand planning and concert operation - Planning and production of 'Glamourous Penguin' brand launched by LOTTE Home Shopping - CJ ENM Olive TV 'What to Eat today?' Auction Sales Planning - MINISTOP PB brand (food) package design - Yuhan Corp. 'Arm & Hammer' brand online communication - ADIDAS ACS online content renewal - Participated in LG H&H new service development - LM Entertainment 'Yoon Ji-Sung' goods design & fan meeting - China SNH48 Unit 'DeMOON' brand symbol design - ZB LABEL artist 'AleXa' all album design - GS E&C consortium Bucheon Visual Culture complex TF participation - Sampyo Group brand video making - Dawon Design&company brand renewal - Lemon Healthcare's 'God of Charge' brand design and marketing - Bigcare brand design - Busan Connect hotel brand design - Mijiwoo eyewear brand 'Fundamental' brand design - Gwangju Design Biennale PR and Marketing consulting - ZANYBROS brand renewal - Shinsaegye Puuvilla NFT Design In ZEP - Klaytn 3th anniversary metaverse map - Samsung biologics - SSG X teracicle 'captain SSG' - SSG openrun game - LOTTE L7 West lake Hanoi Hotel - Softbank PayPay Dome - Softbank なにわ男子HOUSE - Softbank 5G LAB - Shinsaegye CHICOR meta store - Chonnam univ. 'COSS' metaverse campus - GyeongIn National Univ. of Edu. metaverse campus - NAVER Z 'Zepeto' world jam - Shiila dutyfree X GUCCI Beauty GUCCI HOUSE - KB Kookmin bank metaverse - BC Card PAYBOOC world - POSCO conference metaverse - HYUNDAI Elevator 'Vision world' - KAKAO Mobility recruit session - KIA autoworld recruit session - GS E&C Xi gallery - SUPERCAT metaverse recruit session PLANET UNIVERSE STUBBORN VARI & BONNY CURI & FUN ZEP In ZEP, anyone can create their own metaverse by creating a space that embodies a real space or a space decorated with their own personality.

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